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Whether you are seeking opportunities for professional development, looking to participate in your union, or exploring avenues to address student debt, our calendar is designed to keep you informed and engaged.

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Recently Passed Board Motions


December 2023:

  • Motion (Torres) Passed: To endorse all six candidates below as a consent agenda item:
    i. Miguel Santiago, LA City Council District 14 (Kevin Deleon Seat)
    ii. Anthony Portantino, US Congress District 30 (Adam Schiff Seat Open)
    iii. Mike Fong, State Assembly District 49th (re-election)
    iv. Adrin Nazarian, LA City Council District 2 (Paul Krekorian Open seat)
    v. Sade Elhawary, State Assembly District 57th (Reggie Jones-Sawyer Open seat)
    vi. Isaac Bryan, State Assembly District 55th (re-election)
  • Motion (Troph) Passed: To create a downloadable form of Appendix J from the previous contract to the AFT 1521 website.


November 2023:

  • Motion (Daniels) Passed: To approve 2024 AFT 1521 Election Timeline


January 31  February 23 – Filling period

February 23 – Candidate Statement Filing

Feb. 26 – March 27 – Campus Forums

March 12 – Candidate statements mailed out

April 9 – Ballots sent out

April 30 – Ballots Due

May 2 – reporting the

Runoff (if needed) – May 8 – 15

May 15 – Runoff Ballots due

May 17 -reporting runoff results

Alternatives – back to the way it was

  • The elections committee is composed of one representative from each of the campuses appointed by Chapter Presidents and Guild President.
  • Motion (McKeever) Passed: Resolution to Support Student, Faculty and Staff Housing, forwarding it to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees.
  • Motion (Agredando,Baldiwala) Passed:  To Support the Resolution in Solidarity with the Tampa 5


October 2023:

  • Motion (Chee) Passed. As amended:  To revise the Expenditure Policy as follows:
    • To include in the Expenses that can be incurred by the Officers without the express approval of the Executive Board: All expenses, as outlined in the expenditure policy, incurred in connection with Chapter operations and meetings as passed in the annual Executive Board budget and approved by the Chapter President (e.g. including but not limited to Chapter Meetings, Eboard Delegate meetings, Chair meetings, Opening Day, Graduation, Holiday parties, Faculty Recognition, Tenure Celebration, New Faculty Welcome, Retirement celebrations, Cultural Events, Foundation dinners).
    • To change the dollar amount  limit for meal expenditures from $60 to $50 for dinner, and from $40 to $25 for lunch.
  • Motion (Belden) Failed: To increase the release time .2 to each of the following positions: Executive VP, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer
  • Motion (McKeever) Passed: To approve up to $40,000 to be spent on the installation of a new roof at the Barham office, and give Authorization to the Executive Officers to engage a roofing contractor.


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