District Work Environment Committee (DWEC)

District Work Environment Committee (DWEC)

The Work Environment Committee on each campus “shall recommend policy and monitor all work environment matters including, but not limited to grounds and facilities, parking, classroom and instructional laboratory conditions, restroom facilities, allocation and conditions of faculty office space, air quality, temperature control, day and night lighting, health, sanitation and safety (including visible presence of, sheriffs and adequate response rates to emergency situations) progress toward the District’s sustainable building efforts and other “green” practices”, as outlined in Article 9 of the AFT1521 Contract.

The District Work Environment Committee (DWEC) is composed of the Work Environment Committee (WEC) Chairs or their designees from all nine colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). DWEC’s purpose is to promote consistent work environment policies across the LACCD. The DWEC accomplishes this through meaningful dialogue regarding the issues facing the nine colleges in a manner consistent with Article 9 of the AFT 1521 Contract and makes recommendations to the AFT 1521 Executive Board. Moreover, DWEC members collaborate through visiting other colleges conducting campus walkthroughs, evaluating the buildings, and drafting the appropriate recommendations to the college president. Any issue regarding district work environment should be forwarded to any of the DWEC members. 

If you have any concerns related to the district’s work environment, please feel free to reach out to any DWEC member for assistance.

DWEC Committee Chairs And Committee


Julie Washenik

City Chapter

Allen Coson, Executive Board Delegate

Allen Coson

East Chapter

Reza Farzin, Grievance Representative Harbor

Reza Farzin

Harbor Chapter

Lilliman de Silva, WEC Committee - Mission4

Lilamani De Silva

Mission Chapter

Sandra Lee, Chapter President - Southwest

Sandra Lee

Southwest Chapter


Virgil Shields

Trade Tech Chapter


Xiaoyang Behlendorf

Valley Chapter


Melody Cooper

Pierce Chapter

Charles Daniel, WEC Committee - West

Charles Daniel

West Chapter