Meet your 2023-2024 Executive Officers

James McKeever


Bill headshot

Bill Elarton-Selig

Executive Vice President

Jenny Galvez

Recording Secretary

Sharon Hendricks

Sharon Hendricks


Serving our Faculty and Students

Officer positions for AFT 1521 President, Executive Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary as well as the 10 Chapter Presidents (serving our 9 campuses and Emeritus chapter) are elected by the Guild members who comprise each of the 10 respective chapters of the Guild.

Officers are elected in April or May of even-numbered years. The term of office shall be two years, commencing June 1 following the election.

Roles and Responsibilities

President – Serves as the chief Executive Officer of the Guild, oversees all Guild programs, supervises the staff, and chairs the Executive Board and Executive Committee meetings.

Executive Vice President – Carries out responsibilities assigned by the President, and temporarily assumes role of President in the event of an absence or resignation of the President.

Treasurer – Oversees the fiscal affairs of the Local and reports periodically to the membership and the Executive Board on the financial state of the Local.

Secretary – Records and keeps accurate minutes of meetings of the Executive Board, Executive Committee and Member, and handles correspondence as designated by the President.