WW – September 14th, 2022

Hi All,

We have worked hard to get one of the best contracts in the country for all our faculty. In today’s Wednesday Wins, I want to focus on some of the victories we have had for our adjunct faculty. While these are significant wins, we are not done and will work harder to improve our contract and strengthen it.

To ensure inclusion we have created and supported our Adjunct Faculty Action Committee (AFAC), run by Dr. Jessica Saint-Paul. Dr. Saint-Paul and AFAC have successfully advocated for adjunct concerns helping us to achieve many of the wins we have in our contract. Dr. Saint-Paul has also created our student debt clinic that has helped AFT 1521 members get much of their student loans forgiven.
Regarding adjunct pay, our adjuncts are number four in California for an hourly wage. In our last contract, we were able to get two career increments added. We also got a 15% increase in funding towards adjunct health care and a full year with 100% during covid. Currently, we are working on and succeeding on state legislation to get 100% for each adjunct and their family.

We are also one of the few districts where the adjunct is paid at the same rate for lecture and lab hours of instruction. We get paid by the class, which is calculated for 20 weeks of work but only scheduled for the equivalent of 18 weeks of instruction. We have some of the strongest adjunct rehire rights in the State, with seniority rights to classes and the right to the same class, same day, same time, whenever possible.

We have ensured the contribution to medical at only a 0.33 load while Ed Code requires 0.4. We got ancillary pay for other duties that do not affect the 67% teaching rule. We have guaranteed the ability to retiree and return to teach, and if meeting eligibility continues to receive district contribution to their medical, no other adjuncts get this.

These victories did not come easy; they were hard fought. With your help, we can continue to improve our contract for all
faculty. As we move into this year’s contract campaign, let us remember that all these victories and more were gained by working together. Our unity is our strength. AFT 1521 has always fought hard for our faculty’s rights. This will be a tough contract negotiation and we will need everyone’s help. Next week I will talk about some of the gains we have achieved for our tenured faculty.

In Unity,

A. James McKeever PhD

AFT 1521 Faculty Guild President