The Loss One of Our Labor Giants

Hi All,

Today, I have a sad Wednesday Win. I am sorry to inform you that Pat Allen, a giant from our faculty ranks and a pillar of our Union, has passed away. Pat was born on October 8, 1930, and passed away on May 29.

She began her teaching career at Los Angeles Valley College in 1965. Pat was there when we first formed our Union and was a former Chapter President of Los Angeles Valley College. Pat was not just a leader of our Union but a warm and welcoming presence. My first teaching job was as an adjunct at Los Angeles Valley College, and I remember Pat, a fellow sociologist, greeting me on my first day with a warm hello and a union card. Her ‘union moment’ at the start of our meetings was a testament to her commitment to labor’s history and social justice roots.

While this is a sad moment, having Pat as a part of our faculty, guild, and community has enriched all our lives. Pat was at the forefront of many of our most important fights and victories for our faculty and students. I have included a video where Pat speaks in her own voice, an article discussing Valley College honoring her, an article outlining her opostion to class cuts in 1985, and an interview with Norm Levy, former Chapter President of Pierce College. Rest in power, Pat. Your contributions have changed many lives and been a win for us all.

There is no formal funeral ceremony, but Los Angeles Valley College will soon organize a memorial service, and we will keep you updated.


Proposition 226 News Conference (Pat speaks at 6:25 minutes) 
College honors faculty in it for the long haul (and the ice cream)
Valley College Faculty Voices Opposition to Cuts
In Unity,

A. James McKeever PhD

President, AFT 1521 Faculty Guild